Our competitors here in the Northampton, Pocano, Lehigh, Bucks County areas are famous for charging hourly fees which can really drive up the bill. We will charge you a flat rate for repairs once we diagnose the issue with your unit.

Not only are our technicians more than capable of fixing problems, they are constantly trained in order to maintain their education. We keep up to date with best practices. This way we can provide the best service possible at the best prices possible!

Oil burner clean out should be performed annually. Not only will parts be replaced, but other services such as vacuuming and purging of the lines will occur. This can take hours of service, that other contractors will rack up the bill for. With our services, it is still the same flat rate. No surprises upon payment!

We will not only preform the services at a fair price, but we will also check for any faulty parts. We want your unit to last and serve your family well for the longest time possible! Contact us to view our service agreements

Oil burner service can be an expensive and an unnecessary hassle. RPB HVAC LLC removes the hassle of oil burner service by offering competitively priced expert services including tune ups,clean outs, installations and repairs. 

Did you know that Energy Kinetics Systems are among the most energy efficient oil fired systems on the market?  System upgrade studies performed and testimonies by customers in New York and the Pocano Region have been done to monitor savings and heating comfort into homes just like yours during the winter. A higher level of energy efficiency can mean lowered utility bills—and investing in a new Energy Kinetics System installation can pay for itself within five to 10 years! Contact us for more information and financing options!




Proudly serving New Jersey & Pennsylvania 

RPB HVAC burner service technicians are capable of handling any installation situation. We only recommend the highest quality and performance manufactures for your home install. Give us a call for options in burners and financing!  

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