Here are 10 Important Heating and Air Conditioning Service Maintenance Tasks that All Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors Should Be Providing:

• Check and tighten electrical and gas connections to ensure your system operates safely.
• Check operational pressures.
• Clean condenser coils.
• Measure the current and voltage on the motor.
• Check safety switches.
• Clean and lubricate all moving parts to reduce friction.
• Check your thermostat for accuracy and proper operation.
• Check and clean blower assembly.
• Clean condensate drain lines.
• Check and replace the air filter

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Let's face it, technology will continue to change which means as heating and air conditioning contractors, we have to be able to keep up with these changes with education and training with manufactures, schooling, and field exposure. Cleaning and tuning a furnace or an air conditioning system is now a much more complex task and responsibility now than it was 40 years ago. "Old school" heating and air conditioning services were pretty simple. Just focus on putting back the pilot burner properly, clean out the orifice, steel wool for the thermocouple, and remove any corrosion from the main burners. Tools were simple, all you really needed was a wire brush, pipe wrench, steel wool, and the basics screw drivers, hammers, and make sure you had a flashlight.  Those procedures were relevant and effective in their day, but today's advanced technology and high-efficiency furnaces require more precise procedures to ensure optimum performance and a trouble-free life. We at RPB HVAC LLC are constantly in training so we can be your best choice in the area of heating and cooling contractors. We use the most up to date technology to ensure your family's air conditioning service and heating service will never affect your family's health and safety as well as not having our customers have to pay for unnecessary repairs.

We suggest at minimum once a year maintenance on your oil fired system. Its money well spent. Sludge in your oil tank, filters, strainers, nozzles, and oil lines naturally get clogged over time. Right down to the amount of occupants and pets you have affect the mechanics of your heating system.

Think of your heating system as you do your health. Check ups are necessary for optimal efficiency, reliability and safety of your heating unit. We understand, clients shy away from heating and cooling system maintenance because other companies can make them very costly. We are different, RPB HVAC LLC charges flat rates for clean and tunes not hourly rates. We want to prevent the repairs, reduce your fuel consumption, and prolong the life of your unit.  By opening up the unit vacuuming and brushing clean the unit, cleaning out those smoke pipes and chimney base proper venting and heat transfer is ensured. But we don't stop there like our competitors, we tune the burner in the air settings, electrode settings, and pump pressure. 

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